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Infinite Sex

Infinite Sex 2019

무한정사Runtime: 73 Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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Infinite Sex (2019)

Infinite Sex | 무한정사| When the man ejaculates before the woman cums, the sex begins all over again and the same goes for when he ejaculates on time and the sex repeats. His techniques get better, but he can’t help but ejaculate prematurely and everything is back to square one… endless sex. The man has sex with two women everyday and is trapped in a loophole of sex. He doesn’t have a choice. The man can only get out of it if he doesn’t ejaculate. However, he feels horny again almost right away and he ejaculates too soon, once again… He has to get out!

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Infinite Sex
Original title 무한정사
IMDb Rating 5 6 votes
TMDb Rating 8 2 votes